New Campaign Vicksburg Graphics Mod

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New Campaign Vicksburg Graphics Mod

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Here is a new graphics mod for Campaign Vicksburg.
It is a bit of an offshoot of the "Old Banshee" mods from 10-15 years ago.
Notes and Installation instructions are available in the download package
Please make sure you're utilizing the latest WDS version of this game, and have backed up your files before overwriting OOB's, and Leader and Unit artwork. ... gtcwz&dl=0

Goal of the Mod:
Provide a little more historical flavor through:
1) Unit graphics that follow the style from the "Old Banshee" mods from 10-15 years ago.
2) Unit nicknames (where appropriate)- things like 34th Indiana "Morton Rifles," or the 8th Wisconsin "Eagle Regiment."
3) Ethnic Unit indicators - for regiments of heavy Irish or German descent. (Little Irish 4 Leaf Clover icon or German Eagle icon)
4) Improved some Leader images.....Basically if I liked some of the artwork from other titles better, I swapped those versions over to this game. Also, some images of actual people seem to be available on the web that weren't there around when this game was originally released. In those scenarios I've tried to replace the generic images used previously.

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