Looking for a game

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Looking for a game

Post by Scott »

Looking for a game, a larger scenario, but on the slow side of the scale when it comes to turns. I don't mind if things take a little longer, I wanna learn the game better and study some of the history. Maybe 1-2 turns a week depending on the size of the scenario. Email me at saarsena@gmail.com if interested.

I have france and east prussia
Sir John Cope
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Re: Looking for a game

Post by Sir John Cope »

Scott, if you're still looking for an opponent, how about F14-A (Aug. 15 start) in France 14? The pace sounds perfect to me, 1-2 turns a week. It's a big one, but having just finished two France 40 long campaigns, I'm fine managing it at a decent pace. Happy to take either side.

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