Some Glitches With Guadalcanal

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Some Glitches With Guadalcanal

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I'm getting back into the naval series, and when playing Guadalcanal's Cape Esperance scenario last night I noticed two errors with the USN OOB:
USS Farenholt (DD 491) is shown as a Clemson class, when she was actually a Benson class ship. There was an earlier Farenholt (DD 332) that was a Clemson, but that ship was scrapped in 1931.

USS Pensacola (CA 24) has torpedoes. The tubes were in both the Pensacola and Northampton class ships when first commissioned but were later removed prior to December 1941. The only US cruisers with torpedoes during WW2 were the Omaha and Atlanta classes, and even the Atlanta sub class (Oakland) were completed without them. I haven't checked, but I suspect this is true of any Guadalcanal game scenarios where ships of these classes are present and might possibly be in the Midway game as well. EDIT- I checked Midway, and the Pensacola/Northampton classes are OK in that game - no torpedoes.

The Farenholt error is easy to correct using the OOB editor, but the Pensacola/Northampton one is impossible without a new "ships.dat" file. (I know, I tried to correct it using Notepad, and that's a no go.)
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Re: Some Glitches With Guadalcanal

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Thanks, I'll correct both of those for the next update (however, that won't be for a time.)
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