4.03 Patch Preview Blog Post

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4.03 Patch Preview Blog Post

Post by KoolKat »

David and Company, thank-you for the recent 4.03 patch preview blog post! That's the kind of detailed treatment gamers like me greatly appreciate since we have examples and in-depth explanations of graphics and game mechanics.

https://wargameds.com/blogs/news/squad- ... 03-preview

I believe the revised arty rules and mechanics could be a real game changer! Being able to more effectively plot and target hexes will greatly decrease the "luck factor" and allow players to better plan and execute arty barrages against enemy forces. Really looking forward to the 4.03 patch (new game!) :D
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Re: 4.03 Patch Preview Blog Post

Post by Big Ivan »

Agree with KoolKat! David and Rich thanks for the update on SB Eagles Strike!! Super job in delivery of the great stuff of the new update! Looking forward to it!!
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Re: 4.03 Patch Preview Blog Post

Post by gerry58 »

When this patch will be available?

Thanks, Gerry
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