Proof Of Concept: Backporting weapons from MAP into WOV and adding ships to the database

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Proof Of Concept: Backporting weapons from MAP into WOV and adding ships to the database

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I've done research the past week or two into editing the aircraft.dat and ordnance.dat files and have successfully ported the mk-46 torpedos and mk-48 torpedos from the MAP demo into the War Over Vietnam game, as well as re-adding 3 nuclear american submarines and the two Chinese boats.

For some reason, the submarines (and indeed a whole host of american battleships and destroyers) were included as pictures in the game files, but were never used in the database or OOBs.
Screenshot 2023-07-16 170902.jpg

Download link for the mod:
(9.02 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
Screenshot 2023-07-16 180353.png

The included file contains:
An edited Aircraft.dat that adds the SSN Los Angeles (equipped with mk48 torpedos), SSN Permit (equipped with mk48 torpedos), SSN Sturgeon (equipped with mk48 torpedos), PHT Huchuan (equipped with mk46 torpedos), PB Shantou (equipped with mk46 torpedos, entirely ahistorical as it is in fact a gunboat!).

An edited Ordnance.dat that adds the mk46 and 48 torpedos from the MAP demo.

An edited 1972 OOB which adds the SSNs and PB/PHT boats.

A test scenario which serves to just illustrate their usability ingame.

All files and folders go directly into your War Over Vietnam installation folder.


A spreadsheet detailing what I can figure out about the fields for the airplanes and weapons are available here, covering both the MAP demo and the WOV/WOM titles too. Commenting is enabled.

Aircraft.dat values:

Link to spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Ordnance.dat values:

Link to spreadsheet: [url] ... sp=sharing
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