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Two questions

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This is the demo.

Organization highlighting
In 3D zoom with both the Unit base and Brigade colours pressed, as you can see from the pic, that it is extremely difficult to see an organisation, there are simple too many infantry units on top of the base and the base is too small to work out what the colour is. Deselecting brigade colours does make the bases much, much easier too see but obviously you can no longer see brigade organisation. Ideally the bases should be the same size.

Command range.
Some leaders do not appear to have a command range, like the col in hex 11,7 getting started. How do these leaders work?
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Re: Two questions

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Chris21wen wrote: Thu Aug 25, 2022 10:46 am Command range.
Some leaders do not appear to have a command range, like the col in hex 11,7 getting started. How do these leaders work?
I posted a similar question on a different forum not that long ago, only for my example I used BG E A Perry and Col David Lang, both of which arrive at (0,1) as reinforcements in the same scenario. Here's the answer I got from a helpful user:
As to the two officers, Brigadier General Perry is the brigade commander and his Command Rating and Range are used for controlling the brigade. Col Lang is what you would call a supernummery, he was actually a regimental commander in the brigade who took over the brigade when Perry was a casualty, he commanded the brigade at Gettysburg while Perry was recovering. If you check you will see he has no Command Range and as long as Perry is on the map his only value is to assist units recovering from Rout or leading Melee for the 10% bonus an officer gives a Melee. Should Perry become a casualty Lang would take over the brigade if available rather than an Unknown officer. Such spare officers are indicated with the Yellow highlight to their brigade and status.
As far as I know there's no mention in the manual about these "spare officers" and their function.
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Re: Two questions

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1) Bases and 3D unit sizes, org colours -I have to check what it is like now, but I thought it had been in the past, that when using that style, it was one or the other - using brigade colours took the place of bases. Assuming that programming is still in place, making the bases a different size wouldn't matter maybe -as it seemed like the engine was always programmed to swap one for the other ( base for brigade colours). Bases themselves are another issue - but that's more along the lines that, personally speaking, I am simply not a fan of the new look that was introduced not that long ago. On the other hand I never thought about bases before the new look (so they must have been not that noticeable).

I don't know that size of the unit figures entirely matters with regard to the above. I like the ones they'd added in their updates, but I guess at the same time I am interested in working in a smaller scale set of figures -and came across an old mod someone did at least 15 or more years ago that look like they'd still work. I'd used them in the past, but only recently come across a screenshot of an old play through and it got me thinking... they might still work -not high on my to do list though, as I don't use the 3D that much -it's more of a 'nice to have', personally.

2) Spare officers have no leadership functions in the game; their sole reason in the game is to serve as a pre-named replacement for that unit (occasionally there might be more than one).

They do and can serve as any combat bonus that all leaders, regardless of activation, provide. For example, you will get a melee bonus if they are present in a hex that initiates or defends in melee. And if using the optional rule for points for leader losses, if you lose one of these 'spare' leaders, you will lose points (so that's basically a risk assessment that you, as the player, have to make if it is worth the gain.

IIRC you can tell which ones are the spares because I think their organisation appears in yellow (or at least it used to) -not able to check right now.

Napoleonic Battles titles, a lot of them anyways, have used the above technique, although I believe the first time this was used in the Civil War Battles series was with Campaign Overland.
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